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“Life Concepts as 3 Dimensional Assemblages”

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"Reaching for Happiness"

"Higher Education"

"Big Foot"

"Walking on a Wire"

"Ticking Away"

"It's a Girl"

"Jar Art"

"Angel #1"

"Angel #2"

"American Dream"

"Weight of the World"

 "No Cash Value"

"Sticking to My Guns"


"Four Food Groups"

"Virginia Gentleman"

"Angel #3"

"Mary Rolls a 7"

"Box of Doom"

"Clark Kent"


"Till the Cows Come Home"

"Someone's in the Kitchen"

"Mr. Art"

"Such a Deal"

"Snow White"


"Silvery Moon"

"Teen Angel"

"Leap of Faith"

"Panes of Light"


"Safe at Home"


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