Mary Lynn Applegate - Artist

Art Statement:

I have always felt with an artist's heart, and seen with an artist's eyes, but I had to work at becoming an artist. My inclination is to look for the aesthetically pleasing and it does have its limitations. Color, light, subject, position are all worked out in my head as I begin the process. The process is strong and powerful and gives me the energy to continue forward.

My photo journey began when my children were young. The "boys" were the perfect subject. I have albums of photos documenting every big and little event in the history of our family. As the "kids" grew older and "cooler", they chose not to be my constant subjects. I began to branch out and challenge myself. Ultimately it was a good idea as the "kids" did grow up and moved away and I was forced to explore other subjects.

Photography for me is all about the finished product! Technique, process, timing, setup -- these are all important, but I tend to skip over most of the tech stuff and focus on what I want to see in the end. I love the finished product. I enlarge the photos that bring me joy, and frame them for self and family. It is that simple. Occasionally I get a whim and enter a show just to see how and if I can hold my own with "real photographers."

Several years ago, I began painting. It is complimentary to my photography and a challenge in itself. I still have a tremendous amount to learn, but I am at peace with what I have accomplished so far. A work in progress, I will continue striving to produce photographs and paintings that capture special moments and feelings of joy.