Passionate Visions.

If I put into words my feelings about visionary (outside) artists, I'd stand guilty of being academic, cerebral about art, everything these artists aren't. I consider myself an outside outsider artist. As an artist, I am humbled in their company.

I attended this show when it came to North Carolina in 1993. At that show I received this VHS tape, which I have converted, then created a YouTube to share. You can also still buy the comprehensive catalog which documents this tour.

This was one of the first shows in the country which brought visionary artists to the attention of the world. For their sake, I'm not sure if was all that good of a thing. They were happy, contented just where they were, who they were and the art they were creating.

The 1993 documentary film was produced in a partnership with WYES in conjunction with the NOMA exhibition, Passionate Visions of the American South: Self Taught Artists from 1940 to the Present, which was on view that same year.